TranscriptWizard Plus

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Register TranscriptWizard™ Plus

Go to Licensing page

Fill in the Licensee information, select your license type and complete the process.

You will be emailed your License Key. Save the Key file that was sent to you ( someplace easy to access like your 'Downloads' folder.) And then follow the instructions below.

Applying your License Key

Once you have your License Key, start TranscriptWizard™ Plus. Then follow these simple steps to apply your key.

Step 1

Pull down the 'Help' menu
Select 'Register TranscriptWizard Plus...'
This will bring up the 'Register TranscriptWizard Plus' dialog box.

Step 2

Enter the full path for the saved License Key or Browse to find the License Key. After you have entered the full path to the Key click [OK].

Mouse over the image at the right to see a sample 'Open File' dialog you would get when pressing the [ Browse ] button.

And You're Done.

Upon successfull completion you will see the dialog on the right. Your copy of TranscriptWizard™ Plus will be registered and ready for use.

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