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Setting Preferences

PDF Output Settings

PDF Preferences Screen

The PDF Output Settings panel lets you select the defaults for the 'Generate and Save' dialog. Once you set your defaults in this panel, TranscriptWizard™ Plus will remember your preferences and they will be preselected for you when you hit the Generate PDF button. Selecting which output formats you will use most often can save you time when generating PDFs. In addition, to selecting your default PDF formats, you can set what text, if any, to highlight/bold, the number of columns to be used in the Word Index, whether to print a footer and whether you want TranscriptWizard™ Plus to open the PDFs after saving them.

PDF Footer Settings

PDF Preferences Screen

Footer content is generated from the Company information you provided when you filled out the Create a New License form at the time you purchased your license. Information that can be included in the footer content is Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone, Fax, Email, Website URL. If you do not want all of this information to appear in the footer, you can access the choices from the Preferences Menu. Choose Edit Preferences and then click on Footer under PDF Options. Uncheck any information you do not want included in the footer. You will see a preview of the footer in the box underneath. When you are finished, click OK.

Layout Settings

Layout Preferences Screen

The Layout Settings panel allows you to control the 'Save Layout on Exit' setting. Just check the box and TranscriptWizard™ Plus will remember the window size and sash position when you exit and then restore it the next time you open the program. From here, you also have the option of setting the Font used in the Preview Pane.

Import Settings

Import Preferences Screen

When importing transcripts without proper formatting, TranscriptWizard™ Plus prompts you to breakdown 'Run On' pages. The Import Settings dialog allows you to choose how many lines should appear per page if the page breaks are missing from the transcript file .

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