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Additional Help Notes

'Run On' Pages Detected

Import Error

This will allow you to select the number of lines which should appear on each page. You must select a number. If you do not break down the pages and try to generate a PDF from that text file, a Generating/Saving PDF Error dialog will pop up. You will need to close the transcript, import it again and choose a number of lines for each page.

Import File Error

Import Error

Currently, TranscriptWizard™ Plus can process only text files. If you attempt to import a file format other than text, an Import File Error box will pop up telling you the name of the file you attempted to open, that is it not an ASCII/UTF-8 encoded text file and that the program cannot process this type of file yet.

Generating/Save PDF Errors

There are several reasons why this error box may pop up.

Import Error

Run on pages - You are trying to generate and save a PDF for a transcript which has run on pages which you have not broken down

Solution: Close the transcript file and reimport the transcript. When the Run On Page detected box pops up, allow it to break down the pages.

Import Error

Save in Folder file path is not a complete file path

Solution: Use the Browse button to the right of the field to search for the folder in which you want to save the PDF(s). This will allow the program to detect the complete file path.

You are trying to overwrite a PDF file the already exists and the PDF is open.

Solution: If you want to overwrite the file, close the open PDF and start the Generate PDF process again.

Check for Updates

Update OK
Update Newer

If you ever want to make sure that you are running the most current version of TranscriptWizard™ Plus, you can go to the Help Menu and choose check for updates.

If you are running the most current version, a pop up box will appear and confirm that. If there is a more current version, you will be given the opportunity to download and install the latest version.

Unless you keep TranscriptWizard™ Plus open all the time, there should be no reason for you to need to check for updates. The TranscriptWizard™ Plus program will automatically check for updates to the program each time it is opened. If a newer version exists, you will will be given the opportunity to download and install it.

License Key Number


When you need to update your TranscriptWizard™ Plus licensing from a trial license to a full license, your license number can be found on the About box which is accessible from the Help menu.

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