TranscriptWizard Plus

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If you have this ...
but you want this ...
with a
Word Index ...
search capability ...
attached Exhibits ...
all in
One Complete
then you need
ASCII transcript files into
searchable PDF with
hyperlinked Word Index,
like magic!

With Exhibits Too!
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TranscriptWizard™ Plus provides the complete package.

TranscriptWizard™ Plus transforms an electronic ASCII transcript file into a formatted, indexed and easily searchable PDF document with all your exhibits attached and easily accessible. The complete package - your transcript and exhibits all in one PDF.

TranscriptWizard™ Plus does what scanning alone cannot. It automatically creates hyperlinked word indexes for you and presents your search term in context allowing you to choose the reference you need quickly and easily. Plus, it allows you to attach exhibits to your transcript and open each document separately so you can view the exhibit without having to scroll and lose your place in the transcript.

TranscriptWizard™ Plus can generate PDFs in 8 different formats, with or without Indexes. You choose what works best for you. Whether you prefer it on your computer screen or on paper, there's a format that will work for you. Like to take notes? TranscriptWizard™ Plus has a format for that too.

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